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by A SOWERBY 29 Nov, 2017

Up cycling and recycling are great Tip one-

Remember as you get your Christmas decorations out at a good tip is to put away a lot of items you have out all of the year into the Christmas decoration box which can be then freshly arranged in the New Year.


There is always a wonderful array of beautiful Christmas decorations and items being on sale for. small shops in market towns and also the large department store please can vary from a few pounds up to quite a few hundreds of pounds from large reindeers big glass baubles the list is endless.

Great treats for any house ..( if not I love hunting in car boots   Christmas shabby chic stalls and charity shops.)


Ribbons and Bows Tip two- Ribbons can add a new lease of lease of life to Christmas decorations baubles or ornaments , tie bows or new loops in coordinating colour. Tie a ribbon around a cushion to make a real Christmas statement,look great and cost a 2mt length of ribbon in whatever matches your décor) more details watch YouTube my Video of How to make Christmas Cushions


Vases and Bowls Tip Three- look inside your room cupboards and shelves at home , these can be from white dishes in your kitchen vases on your side board or inside a cupboard to simple glass bowls. All of which can be filled with variety of bubbles you might not have on the tree, fir cones and glass beads or for party put out dishes with nice chocolate.


Silk Floweror Greenary add wow Tip four - vases can have silk flowers amaryllis or Ponsetti once brought can be reused year after year in lots of different ways single or fees together tie with ribbon and place invade will up with fir cones or glass beads. Go for a little walk to help with making fresh look -pick up Holly, ivy florets and spray it gold or silver for impact, also spray hydrangea  and Poppy heads.


Colour coordinate theme Tip Five -Plan rooms by colour this coordinate theme can be in each room maybe making your kitchen / dining room silver, the rest a traditional look you could have the colour schemes that runs through house so feels so bright and stylish

Take a look at my YouTube Sassy Video of How to make Christmas crackers


 Have a very sassy and savvy Christmas.....



by A SOWERBY 20 Sep, 2017

I really would suggest in order to boost your chances of selling your home and achieve the highest price possible, to enhance your property`s by eliminating problem, making clean and tidy all over!!

Adding nice items that enhance you property, always making sure you best features stand out and all for very little outlay, as your direct competition is a Show home .

by A SOWERBY 20 Sep, 2017
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The 3 C's
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The latest Interior Design and Home Staging Decor Tips & Hints for you....
Please keep reading, as here is an another of my blog posts...
1.First impressions really do count so the entrance to your home is vital as you never get a second chance to make a first impression.  Switch on lamps in the hallway, put out a nice welcome doormat, make sure your drive and paths are clean and tidy and add some plants in pots at the entrance to help create an inviting atmosphere.
2.To make rooms look their best always make sure the curtains are tied back so that each room has as much natural light as possible. Make sure you fix any tiebacks or broken blinds as these may put buyers off.
3.It is paramount when you're selling your house to make every room as sparkling clean and tidy as you possibly can. This is especially true for kitchens and bathrooms as these are the real selling points of a property.
4.People don't like clutter and it puts perspective buyers off as they can think your house is too small when it really isn’t. Make sure you put away toys and ornaments that you don't need all the time and find a home for large amount of books, magazines and general paperwork so it is not all on show.
5.Create a warm ambience throughout your house by putting on lamps and lights, turning on the heating and lighting your fire. All of which helps make your house feel like a home that somebody else would like to buy.
And extra couple of tips….
6.De-personalise and get rid of photos and personal mementos of you and your family as this makes it hard for buyers to visualise the house as their perspective home.
7.Make sure you have some fresh flowers or plants in the house. If you're not good with living ones, then quality silk plants look great and you don't have to water them!

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5 top tips to style up your house for sale
As a fellow house Doctor consultant I was excited by the opportunity to attend a presentation by Ann Maurice our founder and host of BBC America’s “The House Doctor.” Anne Maurice has made a name for herself in Britain and the United States as a very successful interior designer and home stager.
Home staging involves preparing a home for sale so that it shows as beautifully as possible. Home staging is becoming more and more popular, due in part to television shows such as “The House Doctor” and HGTV’s “Designed to Sell.” It is true that staged homes tend to sell more quickly and for a higher price. Staging can include large ticket items such as remodeling a kitchen or bath, but it also includes de-cluttering and furniture rearranging. If you are planning to put your house on the market this year, I encourage you to start now by taking a long hard look at your property.
Anne Maurice compared an open house to a job interview. The same idea applies to your home. Before you put it on the market, make sure the leaky faucet is repaired, the house is clean and fresh and clutter is under control.
I liked how Anne Maurice described her “3 C’s” — Clutter, Colour and Clean.
If a buyer sees a lot of clutter on countertops and in closets, he will feel as if there is not enough storage space. Excessive clutter can be an instant turn-off for some buyers.
If clutter is a problem for you, start now by giving it or packing it away. Personal items such as family photos and awards need to be packed away. The idea is to create a neutral environment that allows the buyers to imagine themselves living in your home.
I am a big advocate of gorgeous colour on your walls, but not necessarily for homes on the market. Anne Maurice says to paint your walls in a nice neutral tone — a creamy white or tan works well. But do bring color into the room with accessories and artwork to avoid a stark, bland space.
Cleaning is an absolute requirement.Anne Maurice says, “Clean, then clean again.” I tell my staging clients to clean like they’ve never cleaned before.
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"I had a problem in one room as it was slightly long and narrow, so wanted to make it feel as large as possible, plus I had to keep a door which I wanted hidden(secret door) due to building regulations. I met Anne at a show and shared my problem and she arranged a call and we had a chat about the room as it was damp and needed to be totally redecorated. Anyway, I wanted something totally different as I keep going for the pink shade! 
Anne created a new colour scheme of duck egg, purple and cream and provided a solution to the door too. By creating a door with a large mirror as a hidden secret door and came up with mock panelling on that wall too to create a wider feel to the room, rearranged the furniture so it felt much larger with no damp or pink in sight. Even though I had a few ideas, we did work very well together to do what I wanted.  I really love the styling of the room, at the end; I would not have got this way myself and as the old thing would have gone back up!" - Jenny
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